Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jan. 6, 2014 Ben's Baptism!

Hola familia! 

It seems like you've had a great holiday! I absolutely loved seeing the pictures and that's so cool that you got to see Fireworks going off in London. That is definitely on my bucket list, but it's too cold to be outside in the winter in England, haha. It's too cold to be outside over here in Georgia for that matter. We woke up this morning and it was snowing! It hasn't snowed in 3 years and they were just little snow flusters but it is windy and super cold and the chill just bites at you, kind of like in England. Darn humidity. 

So... I'M STAYING IN SUWANEE! HOLLA! I basically already knew it. The middle of last week, I kneeled down to ask if I was being transferred or if I was going spanish because I was super impatient and just wanted to find out. I had a really good feeling about staying in Suwanee because I know my work here isn't done. We have a few people to follow up on this week and so it would kill me to leave. Also, I'm not spanish speaking. Nor do I think I will switch to Spanish speaking, because I also had the feeling that I am staying English speaking. There are too many different races of people I need to talk to down here so the Lord basically told me I'm not speaking spanish on my mission. But I don't mind, I love it. My new companera is Sister Highland and she is Canadian. Sister George has been in Suwanee for 6 months which is abnormal for a missionary so she is headed directly west to Hickory Flat. The Assistants called us this morning and told us and we both just cried. We've had way too much fun the last couple weeks, but I'm super excited because I hear that Sister Highland is a super hard worker. Suwanee is just going to rise higher and higher and we will see even more miracles in the next 6 weeks!! 

K so Ben's baptism, most amazing experience of my life. Without a doubt, I could hear angels singing in heaven and I could only imagine his sweet wife's joy up in heaven. His cousin flew in from California and she was the sweetest most spiritual lady I've ever met. She gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and everyone was just amazed. Everyone kept saying that was the most spiritual baptism that they had ever been to, and it was definitely the most spiritual baptism I had ever been to. I was filled with so much joy!!! Casey was there and she kept saying how good her dad looked in white. When Ben came up out of the water he was grinning from ear to ear and he raised his hands up in the year and hollared. hahaha I don't think it was the most appropriate thing to do at a baptism but man, was he happy. I'm so proud of him and he gave us the sweetest card about how we changed his life and gave him hope for the future. Man, I'm on fire. I'm gonna baptize all of Georgia now ;) 

We weren't quite sure at the beginning of the week if Ben was going to get baptized this weekend. Ben had his baptismal interview on Tuesday with our district leader Elder Kilmer and he didn't pass. We don't know why, nor was it our business to know but we were really worried because Sister George figured that she would be out this transfer and she had to be here for Ben's baptism because we taught him together!! Our first lesson with Ben was my first day. We helped him on his journey together while he helped me on mine. Man, it's still super weird that I am done training but I am so happy to be. 

Ben had his second interview with President Joiner on Thursday who is in the mission presidency. He had us join him in the beginning of the interview and we got to tell Ben the changes we had seen in him throughout his teaching process and Ben got to tell us what he had felt while being taught and how our teaching went. It was such an awesome experience because this doesn't normally happen that people get a second interview, and I'm glad it happened. While we were exchanging our thoughts before he interviewed Ben, peace came to my heart and I knew that everything was going to be okay. If Ben didn't get baptized this weekend, he would eventually in the near future get baptized because he was ready; I knew it and Heavenly Father knew it. Of course he passed the second interview because he got baptized and he told us why he knew he was meant to be here and meant to be on this path. It was an amazing and touching story and I would rather not share something so personal to him but all I know was that I was overwhelmed by the spirit, I was so happy for Ben to be here and I knew that Heavenly Father had sent me to teach him for a reason. 

New Years Eve wasn't anything too exciting. We went to a members house for dinner and she gave us these dress and jacket combinations from the 80s with shoulder pads and everything because they were "too fancy" to give to Good Will. I have no idea what I am going to do with mine but I will have to send a picture. It's absolutely hideous hahahaha. We went over to our ward mission leader's house, Brother Pickett, who had all his family in from Florida to play games. When we got there we found out that the elders were in the emergency room. Elder Rahman's knee practically blew up like a balloon randomly but he tore his acl before his mission. He might have to go home if he finds out from the orthopedic that he has to have surgery. 

I love the gospel with all my heart and I'm now on a spiritual high after having Ben baptized this week. I'm motivated to get out there and testify to everyone of the restoration of the gospel! We are going to see a lot of miracles within the next 6 weeks in Suwanee and I'm pumped to be here in the south at such an exciting time for missionary work! 

Have a fabulous week! Keep up that missionary work ;) 

Sister Knight 

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