Monday, February 17, 2014

New comp


It took me long enough but I FINALLY feel like a real missionary. hahaha. Sister Heyland is AWESOME (its spelled Heyland but pronounced Highland). We are so similar that it is scary... She loves to travel and she's been all over the ward too, we have a ton of the same tendencies, we are both ditzes and have a love for food. Which is great because now I don't feel like a fattie because I eat a ton. The only thing is that she talks like she is on speed so I feel like I have to try and keep up with her when we are talking. Haha, I make it a game though and so it is fun. She came from the University of Georgia campus and so she is used to riding bikes and only contacting so I basically had to teach her how to tract and drive a car. Too much fun. 

The first day she got here, the Elders needed the car and so we biked to a neighborhood to tract.. good grief. Biking was so much fun, yet quite an adventure. There are no sidewalks in Georgia so we had to bike on the shoulder of the road right up close to all the cars. We biked down Peachtree Industrial which is the highway you take to get to Atlanta and it was super windy too. Lets just say, half the time my skirt was over my head. I tried everything I could to hold my skirt down or to step on it, I was laughing so hard that I was crying. Craziest experience of my life. Next time I will be sure to bring clothes pins or actually wear shorts under my skirt, I was wearing black tights though so it wasn't as bad as it could've been... 

Sister Heyland and I were sick of tracting one day so we went to the Walmart parking lot one day and tried contacting. People would run away from us and ignore us, it was hilarious. Contacting was sooo awkward yet so much fun at the same time. We got some pretty good potentials out of it so hopefully we'll see things start to pick up as far as teaching goes. We're both pretty excited for this transfer, we are going to see a ton of miracles and baptize nations. Get ready for it. 

So we had a lesson with Debbie finally and it went super amazing. She had us over for lunch with just her and we were on a role, talking about and testifying of the Book of Mormon (which is something I'm pretty pro at ;)) the spirit was so strong and we were all crying and we were about to invite her to be baptized when... Zane walked in the door. #spiritkiller - We invited them to come to church but Zane just went on this tangent about how they are going to keep going to the church that got them put together. I just wanted to yell at him "Don't make her decisions for her!!" Before we left though, Debbie pulled me aside and whispered in my ear and told me that she was going to do everything in her power to try and make it to church on Sunday. Zane said that if it rained on Sunday, they would try and go; but if it was sunny they had stuff to do outside. Lamest excuse, I know right? Anyways, we were praying and praying for rain and texted Debbie Saturday night to see if we could plan on her coming. She told us she is coming to church with us the next Sunday, so hopefully that works out! 

Basically we are just focusing our efforts on finding investigators. We are having a ward missionary meeting this week trying to brainstorm creative ways to find so if you have any ideas, shoot em this way. We were thinking about teaching english to koreans to see if that would work but I'm not sure how effective that would be. We dropped Michael and Britney and I was super sad to but I will drop by and pay a visit before I leave Suwanee when I do. Julie and Wess aren't our investigators anymore either. We tried to stop by and nobody answered and when we left, Wess called us and had a pretty nasty conversation with us; telling us to never come back. So all we have is Debbie at the moment and we are going to try and meet with Kiaundra this week. I have the feeling we won't be meeting with Kiaundra for very much longer because Sister Heyland doesn't want to meet with anyone we aren't teaching because its a waste of time. She got here and was super shocked how "casual" we were with our ward members.. which doesn't make sense to me because aren't you supposed to have good relationships with your ward members? We can never get out of a meeting with members in under an hour because they talk for forever and plus I like to get to know them.. so I'm at a loss of what to do. I'm just going to role with it and try my best to do everything in under an hour.. exact obedience is key as a missionary and I'm learning that. It difficult to get into the hang of things though because Sister George did some things differently. 

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