Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1st Transfer

Hello from Sandy Plains! 

All I can really say about this area... it is nothing like Suwanee and I can already tell I have A LOT of work to do here. Over half the ward is less active and it is a small ward but I am trying not to compare it to Suwanee because I already know that I was trained in Zion and there are very few wards in Georgia that are like that. So I guess this is the norm. I really am excited to be here though because it just means that I will get to make a huge difference! It is a beautiful area though! Marietta is a town right outside of Atlanta on a mountain (its actually a hill but Georgian's don't know what a real mountain looks like) and our apartment has an amazing view of the city! It's gorgeous and on the plus side, our apartment has two bathrooms :) Sister Sorenson is from Idaho Falls, ha. I wonder how many more companions I'll have from Idaho! It's cool though because she knows Holli and a couple other of my friends from Utah State. It's a small world in the Mormon church! 

I'm already in love with a couple people in particular in the ward. Sister Williams is a thug convert who joined a couple years ago. She gave up her old life of making 3 grand a day selling drugs to celebrity rappers and is so happy in the church. She knows Usher, 50 Cent and Snoop Dog etc and told me to go convert them. I'd be down! The other is Evril and she is a less active YSA from Kenya who makes bomb food. She is such a strong woman and has gone through so much in her life and I just admire her! 

Lady and Arnold are the only investigators we really have and neither are progressing much but I got to meet both this week. Lady is from Mexico and speaks super good English and has the two most adorable girls in the world who have stolen my heart. Arnold is an old southern man who dresses in camo, hunts, etc. the whole stereotype of a souther rug rat. He is great though and we are working on building his relationship with god. 

Not much really happened this week though. Since I got here, we have been working on our area map a ton which is a complete foreign concept to me! Sisters have only been here since the end of last summer and they weren't so organized and neat with the area book and the map so we are just starting from scratch. I found out that Quinton L. Cook is coming to our mission this next month and rumor has it that we are getting ipads and will become a Facebook mission. I heard the plan is to make all the states missions Facebook missions by the end of the year, which is exciting I guess. I personally don't really want to be on fb but oh well. 

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