Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb. 10, 2014 Book of Mormon Musical duty


What a wonderful week! I know for sure that when I look back on my mission, this will be one of the highlighted weeks for sure. Going to Atlanta was INSANE and I was surprised how quickly it took to get there from Suwanee. Atlanta looks a lot like Seattle and the weather was actually in our favor. We got there around 6 pm with the Sister Training Leaders from Coal Mountain ward, Sister Kelly and Sister Papbst. We were given 20 copies of the Book of Mormon to split between companionships and 300 cards and there were 4 companionships there; two from our mission and two from the Atlanta mission. A sea of people flooded into the Fox theater on the busy streets before and after the musical and practically all I could yell is "The Book is true! Read it for yourself! The book is always better than the movie!" Teehee. We had quite a lot of fun with it. We had to split up on the streets because there were so many people. I participated in a prayer circle with two hobos, convinced an atheist to consider that there was a god, got filmed in a documentary on Atlanta's entertainment, and had so many other awesome contacts that were SO prepared! 

It was very spiritually challenging as well because you would get people that would take pass along cards from you and spit on them or throw them to the ground or say a storm of cuss words about Jesus Christ, the prophet and The Book of Mormon. Sister Heyland and I talked about our experience afterwards and discussed how we literally felt like we were in front of the Great and Spacious Building, clinging to the iron rod. It was cool because during intermission, you would catch the ones that left the musical because they were offended (the elect) and afterwards, people would just walk up to you and ask for a book or ask to take a picture with you in front of the musical poster. Haha. All in all, it was such an amazing experience, I got the contacting dream of a lifetime and all I can do is hope that those I planted a seed with will act and a baptism will come out of it. 

We had the COOLEST miracle on Monday. We found a FAMILY that was SUPER ELECT and so ready for the Gospel and.... they are Spanish. We thought the mother knew more english than she led on and when we took Sister Holgado to our first lesson, she was the only one that could communicate effectively with them. So we passed them off to the Spanish Elders and they are supposed to follow up on how their lessons go. We had two lessons with them and at the end of our last, Carlos (the father) said the most heart felt prayer in espanol and I could only catch some of the words that I understood, but I could feel the conviction in his voice and I KNEW right then that he would be baptized. It was the most sincere prayer I had heard so far on my mission. 

Friday and Saturday I went to Coal Mountain on exchange and we went to their ward council meeting Saturday morning and one of their ward's elders graduated from Kamiakin!! haha. Small world, right? I taught the restoration 5 times within the two days I was there and my favorite was with this lady and her 3 small autistic boys that are all under the age of 6. I was especially amazed that when we knelt down for prayer at the end of the lesson, all 3 of them knelt down quietly with us. #sotender #meltedmyheart 

When I was gone, I missed our lessons with Kathy and Marsha but they went really well. Marsha is taking seriously reading the Book of Mormon and Kathy committed to coming for ALL 3 hours of church!! Well, we texted her Sunday morning and she told us she was still planning on coming. When Sister Watkins got to church, she told us that Kathy had practically begged her to go but Sister Watkins told her to stay home because she was super sick. At least she now has the desire, right? She started her new job at Vallue Village this week and she said that a couple of her coworkers asked if she was mormon (even though she is not, and they had no idea that her mom was mormon). I would say that's a work in progress! :) 

Debbie Debbie Debbie... we didn't hear from her AT ALL this week and I was so confused and broken hearted to why she would just dump us like that with no notice. We tried and tried again to drop in on her at home but we didn't get anything. We tried one last time Saturday night at 8:30 pm because we didn't have much else to do before we had to be in at 9; and she was HOME!! She was eating dinner with Zane and told us that all week she had been crazy busy with real estate and she felt really bad that she could never get back to us. We invited both her and Zane to church and...... THEY CAME!!!!! Sacrament meeting was perfect and the speakers talked about faith, repentance, and Matt 11:28-30. It was exactly what they both needed especially because Zane had always questioned why we never use Bible references to anything. 

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